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12 Fundraising Tips for VCs and GPs

12 Fundraising Tips for VCs and GPs

24 Apr 2024

In the fast-paced world of venture capital, the relationship between general partners (GPs) and limited partners (LPs) is paramount. Efficiently managing these relationships and understanding the dynamics of fundraising can significantly impact the success of your next fund. This article dives into practical strategies that can enhance your fundraising efforts and introduces an innovative tool designed to streamline this intricate process.

Essential Tips for Venture Capitalists on Raising Capital

  1. Understanding LP Expectations: Know what LPs are looking for in terms of returns, risk management, and strategic alignment. Tailor your pitch to meet these expectations and demonstrate a clear alignment with their investment philosophy. For example, going to large institutional investors without previous relationship is mostly likely a dead-end

  2. Leveraging Technology: Utilize CRM systems to manage and track interactions with potential LPs. This can help you maintain a structured follow-up process and ensure no opportunities are missed.

  3. Transparent Communication: Establish a transparent communication line with your LPs (in your funnel, as well as soft and hard commited). Regular updates about the fund's performance and strategic decisions can build trust and foster long-term relationships.

  4. Networking and Relationships: Build and maintain a strong network. Referrals from trusted sources can significantly enhance credibility and ease the process of fundraising. “LPs are like VCs”. Intros matter. Get your VC network to introduce LPs to you.

    Create “LP Acquisition Flywheel” Committed LPs can help you with intros to other LPs if you know who you want to talk to.

  5. Diversifying LP Base: Aim to diversify your LP base to mitigate risks and expand the potential funding pool. Consider different types of investors such as family offices, foundations, and institutional investors. No more than 20% of the fund per LP is a golden rule.

  6. Showcasing Track Record and Expertise: Clearly demonstrate your past success and area of expertise. A proven track record can be a decisive factor for LPs considering an investment in your fund.

  7. "Your Fund Size Is Your Strategy": Your fund size is a strategic choice that should reflect your ability to manage and deploy capital effectively. Avoid overly ambitious targets; instead, focus on a size that allows you to create momentum and demonstrate achievable goals to your LPs.

  8. Minimum Viable Fund Size Exercise: Analyze your portfolio construction, account for fee discounts over the lifecycle of the fund, ensure diversification, and set realistic pro-rata strategies.

  9. Fund Team Essentials: Ensure your team's background and experience align with your fund thesis. A proven ability to work together effectively in relevant settings is crucial.

  10. Performance Metrics Focus: Prioritize direct cash returns (DPI) over total value to paid-in capital (TVPI) to present a realistic picture of fund performance to prospective LPs.

  11. LP Composition and Engagement: Maintain a diversified LP base to mitigate risk and engage 'value-added' LPs who can offer more than just capital.

  12. First Commits Are Crucial: Go to and lock-in the ‘friendlies’ first to maintain momentum in the raise. Keep locked-in LPs in the loop on the fundraise traction

Introducing RaiseMate

For GPs embarking on the challenging journey of raising a new fund, RaiseMate offers a robust solution to tackle some of the challenges mentioned above.

This ultimate LP Management CRM, available on Notion, is designed to make the fundraising process as smooth and efficient as possible. It helps in managing LP interactions, tracking outreach, and maintaining a dynamic view of your fundraising funnel.

RaiseMate simplifies adding and updating entries, ensuring that you keep your finger on the pulse of every potential LP relationship. The intuitive interface and specialized features, such as Discovery Funnel Views and People Networks, provide critical insights and facilitate crucial introductions.

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